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Bitcoin and Ethereum offline wallets control the ownership of Bitcoin by your saved Wallet.dat, mnemonic seed and private key. If you delete them by mistake or format them, the money will disappear forever. The exchange rate calculation, this may be a lot of money. But maybe we can help you. File recovery is through the analysis of the logical structure of the corrupted data by the engineers at the bottom of the data, and the software is used as an auxiliary means to recover the wallet. Common reasons are: misformatting, mis-partitioning, mis-cloning. , accidental deletion, false coverage, virus damage, etc.

If you encounter similar situations, please don't do too much work on the wallet or hard disk, please contact us, otherwise it may cause secondary damage to the wallet, which will increase the difficulty of helping you recover your wallet!

What can we do for you?

Forgot wallet save path and name

If the early mining or buying bitcoin is forgotten by you for too long, we can provide you with all the wallet and mining software information for 2009-2019 to help you find your bitcoin!

False formatting

Forgot the Wallet.Dat saved in the hard disk (usually stored in the C drive), because the reinstallation system misformatted to cover them, in this case, the higher the operation of the hard disk, the lower the chance of recovery will be lower!

Wallet was accidentally deleted

File loss due to incorrect operation has a high data recovery success rate for such failures. Even if other operations are performed later, there is a great chance to retrieve the wallet.

Virus damaged wallet

If a computer or device with your bitcoin or other cryptocurrency is infected, we can help you clean the virus and fix your wallet.

Damaged hardware storage

If your virtual currency is damaged on your phone, computer, USB flash drive, network drive, or other device, and you are no longer able to access it due to hardware or software defects, you can help you get your wallet back with hardware repairs.

Wallet.dat file is corrupt

Open the wallet, prompt (Wallet.dat is damaged, backup rescue failed!), most of the cases are virus damage or long-term storage of hard disk data loss, we will repair or extract the key for your damage level and encryption.

Mis-partitioning, mis-cloning

When using PQ Magic and Ghost, the wallet is lost due to the user's wrong operation. This kind of logic fault engineer can restore the partition and wallet of the hard disk back to the original state by manually adjusting the parameters, and the wallet can be used normally.

about us

We started working on Bitcoin recovery in 2017. In two years we collected almost all the details of wallet and mining software that appeared in 2009-2019 and have all the address pools of cryptocurrency. With the help of our experience and information base, any information in your memory may help you find your cryptocurrency.

Don't worry if your storage device or wallet file is corrupted, we have multiple hardware logic analysts from various countries to help you fix your wallet and storage device!

How to believe us?

BTCKEY.ORG will not ask you for hard drives and wallets. We will perform auxiliary recovery on the computer you are using without serious damage. Serious damage needs to be handed over to us for repair and we will face-to-face repair or sign a letter of agreement to protect your interests!

About the fee

If we don't help you find Bitcoin, we will not charge any fees! If we help you regain control of Bitcoin, we will charge you 10%-45% of the wallet value based on your repair difficulty!

What is next?

Contact us and tell us about your situation. BTCKEY.ORG has a top-level data recovery engineer who can help you analyze the underlying logical structure of your hard drive and wallet files and help you recover your wallet by analyzing the results!